Once you have created an Analytics Report, you may Edit Columns to select information to display in the report.

With an analytics report open, click the Edit Columns button.

Selecting Contract Metadata 

Check/uncheck the box(es) beside each contract metadata field to display in the report. These fields will always appear on the left side of the report table.

Selecting Lexible Questions

You may select specific Lexible questions to display in the report. If a contract has been reviewed with that question active, you will see the answer to that question in the relevant cell.

You can use the search field at the top of the Edit Columns panel to search by either the exact wording or the df-code of a Lexible question.

Check/uncheck the box beside each Lexible question to display in the report.

All Lexible questions are grouped into their respective themes. You may bulk-select questions in a theme by checking/unchecking the box beside each theme.