The Users tab allows you to see which members in your organization are users of the platform, the review streams they have access to and the type of user rights they have.  

If you have the Administrator role in your account, you can add new users by clicking on the ‘Create New User’ button at the bottom of the page and entering their details.  

The new user will receive an authentication email providing account set-up instructions. 


Viewing and Assigning Review Stream access 

To see which Review Streams a user has access, select the ‘Users’ option from Settings and click on the World icon at the bottom of the user’s name.  

Here you can see the name and code of the review streams that the user has access to, if any. 

To give a user access to a review stream, click on the plus icon in the search bar and select the relevant review stream from the drop-down list. 

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Click the ‘Save button next to the plus icon once you have chosen which review streams a user should be added to. You will need the Administrator role in your account to add a user to a review stream.