ℹ You must be an active registered user on your company's account in order to create a new negotiation.

If you're using Microsoft Word 2016 or 2019, this will be using Internet Explorer 11 to display the ThoughtRiver application via the Word Add-In. It is possible that you may encounter issues as this browser is no longer supported by Microsoft.

We suggest you either use Office 365 or Word Online when using the ThoughtRiver Word Add-In.


Creating a New Negotiation from Word

Creating a new negotiation from a contract that is in Word format is really straightforward. Simply open the contract in Microsoft Word, launch the ThoughtRiver add-on and login. (See: How do I download the Word add-in?)

If this is a new contract, you should be prompted to either upload it as a new negotiation or to upload as a new version of an existing contract.

  1. Select the Deal Type your contract should be reviewed under, using the drop-down menu
  2. Click Upload a New Negotiation

You're all set! ThoughtRiver will keep you updated on the progress of receiving and completing our analysis of your contract with system notifications and a progress bar on the add-on.