When you open the dashboard, all contracts in your portfolio are shown for properties selected. This is the default dashboard setting. Applying portfolio level filters can help you identify contracts that you are most interested in, making it easier to compare clauses across relevant contracts. 

  1. Click on the Filter icon to see the filter panel.


2. You will see dropdowns for Review Stream, Portfolio, Contract Type, Contract Subtype and Counterparty. Click on a dropdown, then select values that you are interested in.

3. Click Apply once you have made the filter selections you require.

4. Click the Back arrow to close the filter pane.


You're all done! Only contracts meeting the applied  filtering criteria will now appear on the contract list. 

You can see the total number of contracts appearing in the filtered contract list on the bottom left of the dashboard.



Dashboard taking a bit long to load? There may be too many contracts in the contract list. Use filters to further narrow down the contract list. The dashboard works best with up to about 500 contracts in view.

Also be sure to filter out properties you aren't interested in. Up to 10 properties in a single view is best!