The Rapid Insights dashboard provides an overview of clauses contained in contracts across your entire portfolio. You can use this dashboard to filter and identify contracts which contain specific properties that you are interested in, view clauses for individual properties, see advice notes, and download this data.   

Navigating the Rapid Insights Dashboard

The main dashboard has five different areas.

  1. Property tree. Shows the list of all properties categorized under the selected theme(s), ordered from root property to child property.
  2. Contract & property table. Lists all relevant contracts (in rows) and properties (in columns). In the default setting of the dashboard, only the root properties are shown in the contract & property table. A blue dot in a cell indicates that the property has a yes value for that contract. A grey dot indicates that the property has a no value for that contract. If there's no dot in a cell, it indicates that this property was not assessed for the contract. A dark blue dot indicates a data value (for entity properties).
  3. Clauses, Advice and URL pane. Shows the Clause text and Advice Notes for this assessment, with a URL to this clause in the Review app. To access this pane, click on the Clause text, advice and URL button, and select a blue dot (yes property) from the contract list.
  4. Number of contracts.  Shows the count of contracts appearing in the filtered contract list.
  5. Data. Navigates to the data table view from where filtered data can be downloaded as a CSV or Excel file.


Dashboard Filters

6. Contract level filters for Review Stream, Portfolio, Contract Type, Contract Subtype and Counterparty. Access these filters by clicking on the filter icon on the top left of the dashboard.

7. Theme and Property filters. The theme dropdown filters the property tree. Click on individual properties on the property tree to add or remove them from the contract list.

8. Property values checkbox. Use the Yes, No and/or Datapoint checkboxes to see only properties with required values in the contract & property table.



Dashboard taking a bit long to load? There may be too many contracts in the contract list. Use filters to further narrow down the contract list. The dashboard works best with up to about 500 contracts in view.

Also be sure to filter out properties you aren't interested in. Up to 10 properties in a single view is best!