ThoughtRiver provides predefined Saved Views to get you started with the Issues List. However, ThoughtRiver also provides a way to customize the issues you view in the Issues List and how you view them by providing filtering and sorting functionality on the Issues List tab. You can change your view at any time.

Filtering Issue Cards

There are many ways you can customize which Issue Cards are visible.

  • Status - Issues can be Open, Ignored or Closed 
  • Importance - Issue Importance can range across Showstopper, High, Medium, Low, Ok, and Unscored 
  • Category - Issues can be categorized into Compliance, Commercial, Uncommon Text, and Non-Contractual categories

Filtering Issue Cards works just like you'd expect filtering to work on your favorite retail websites by restricting the view to only what you've selected in the filter options. 

This means if you clear all the filter fields so no options are selected, you'll see every Issue Card. You can also select every option in each filter field and you will also see every option.

If you can't see an Issue, try expanding or removing some of the selected filter options.

Sorting Issue Cards

There are many ways you can customize in what order you can see the Issue Cards.

  • Clause - Displays Issues in ascending order of how they appear in the contract. Missing Issues always appear at the top of the list when sorted by Clause.
  • Importance - Displays Issue Importance in descending order. The highest Importance (Showstopper) will display at the top and the lowest Importance (Unscored) will be at the bottom.
  • Status - Displays Open, Ignored, Closed issues respectively.

We recommend that you focus mainly on Showstopper, High, Medium, Low and OK issues as your contract status report.