To benefit from our familiarity intelligence feature, enabling you to identify unusual clauses in the contracts you review, you first need to upload a minimum of 30 ‘Signed’ contracts to a Review Stream.

To get best use out of the feature the more contracts you upload the better – customers typically find they get the best results with a minimum of 100 ‘Signed’ contracts on a review stream. You can upload contracts in bulk from the Negotiations Dashboard to get them uploaded in one go. Once uploaded, you will need to wait two hours before the feature is active on new contracts you upload for review. This gives time for ThoughtRiver’s intelligence to do its magic.

Should you be interested in seeing familiarity intelligence on the contracts you first upload to activate the feature, you’ll need to re-analyse those contracts to update the intelligence on them. You don’t need to do this for new contracts you upload after the initial bulk upload - the familiarity intelligence will be there straightaway!

Happy contract reviewing!