Login to the Freshdesk portal

The ThoughtRiver Freshdesk portal can be reached here: ThoughtRiver (freshdesk.com)

This places you on the ThoughtRiver Freshdesk landing page. If you are unsure of your password, please click the link: Forgot your password?  


Creating a new Support Ticket

Follow the below steps to raise a new ticket with the Support Team:

  1. From the landing page click on Submit a ticket

Requester – Will be automatically populated

Subject – Detail Summary

Type of Ticket :

  • Incident - an issue with the ThoughtRiver platform or just a question.
  • Idea - a suggested improvement to the ThoughtRiver product set.
  • Request - a request for access or a change in configuration.


Depending on the option you select above, you may be prompted with additional questions e.g.



Set the ticket priority by selecting Low, Medium, High, Urgent.  Please use the following as a guide to determine the priority:


Minor issue (e.g. problem with user interface alignment).


Functionality not working, or not as expected, but isn’t impacting business or ability to work (e.g. Word add-in not appearing).


User can continue working but with significant restrictions (e.g. contract is not being assessed accurately).


User is blocked completely in their work (e.g. unable to perform time critical sales tasks related to a POC demo).


When you have finished adding the required information to the ticket, click on the Submit button to create the ticket.


  1. Once a ticket is created multiple notifications will be distributed.  You will receive email confirmation; Depending on the Request you may receive a link to add further information e.g. If onboarding a new member of staff, you will be requested to provide, department, role etc.


Tracking your existing Tickets and adding extra information

From the Freshdesk Portal you can monitor your tickets from Open Tickets. Additionally, you will be able to view any tickets from your company.  If you are associated with more than one company then you can toggle this from the drop down list on the company field, or select all to view every ticket for all companies.

Clicking on a ticket will show the latest updates and allow you to add any additional comments.





You can also export this list via the export tickets button on the right hand side.  Excel or csv options are available:


Searching Freshdesk

Freshdesk has a powerful Search engine. From the home page you can enter any word, phrase etc. This search will check both the knowledge base and your tickets.


Knowledge base

From the Home page there is a Knowledge Base, called Solutions. By using the Search facility, you can search for informative articles to aid many different scenarios.  This knowledge base is continually added to so please check regularly for troubleshooting, how-to guides and much more.